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5 Steps to Style Confidence

5 Steps to Style Confidence

As women we know that how we look and therefore how we dress is a visual expression of our self esteem. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel empowered and we dress accordingly. When we feel negative about ourselves, we often dress to hide our inner beauty.

Our confidence is expressed through our wardrobes. At Anne’s on the Avenue we greatly acknowledge this, so we use it to assist our clients appreciate what nature has given them. We’ll help you discover your own unique style confidence, and express who you truly are.

We do this by assisting you put together your own personal “Style Statement”. A confident, contemporary wardrobe that’s efficient, flattering, and stylish and most of all it’s something that is all your own and an expression of who you are.

We have 5 simple steps:

  • First, we discuss your lifestyle with you. This allows us to determine what kind of apparel you need. For instance, do you need professional, casual, leisure, cruise and travel wear, evening wear, or a combination of these?
  • Second, we look at your existing pieces and assess how these garments fit and flatter you and your lifestyle.
  • Next, we recommend which items will become your new figure flattering signature pieces that will form the basis of your new style-confident wardrobe.
  • Next, we suggest complementary items to mix and match so you can stretch your wardrobe and you’ll always have something to wear.
  • Finally, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize – and how to do it!

Contact Anne’s on the Avenue to book your “Style Statement” appointment.

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