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What’s Right for You?

What’s Right for You?

A confident style that is efficient, flattering, and fashionable and most of all a style that is all your own and an expression of who you are.

Here are the six steps we use to create the master plan for your personal Style Statement:

  1. Your COLOUR CONSULTATION by a certified Colour Consultant. Which colours flatter you the most? Are you a spring, summer, fall or a winter?
  2. STYLE & BODY ANALYSIS. We create the look that flatters your body type, one that is functional and reflects your personality and lifestyle. What kind of wardrobe do you need? Do you need professional, casual, leisure, cruise and travel wear, evening wear or a combination of these?
  3. STYLE & CLOSET ASSESSMENT. Bring in your existing pieces from your closet. Do they fit and flatter your body and your skin tones? Do they need to be altered or eliminated?
  4. STYLE DEVELOPMENT. We choose new figure flattering core wardrobe pieces that will form the foundation of your new style.
  5. STYLE PLANNING. We now transform the best styles for you into incredible outfits by adding complementary items. This is where we “design” the wardrobe of your dreams according to your lifestyle, body type, and budget. And best of all you will never be stuck “with nothing to wear.”
  6. ACCESSORIZE. Now, we choose accessories such as belts, scarves, earrings, and necklaces that give your look even more panache.

You will receive your own individual Style Statement, which is your personalized record of all your outfits, your complimentary colors, and how to mix and match and accessorize your garments.

Book your private two-hour style consultation appointment by calling 519-979-7735.

Cost $250.00, which can be applied towards purchases of this season’s new merchandise.

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