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Lovely summer layers

Lovely summer layers

## Welcome to Weather in Ontario (and Canada)!

Every summer, we eagerly await the warm weather to come. Canadian summers are a mix of hot days and cool days, with mornings often starting out cooler, warming up significantly by the afternoon, and then cooling off again in the evening. Whether you're staying in the city or heading to a cottage up north, you might experience three consecutive days of cool weather. And if you're traveling to places like Newfoundland or New Brunswick or the West Coast coast the weather can be quite unpredictable.

This variability in temperature makes layering essential. Having the right pieces in your wardrobe can keep you comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the weather brings. Here are some must-have items for your layering wardrobe this spring, summer, and even into fall:

1. **Jackets**: Lightweight and versatile, perfect for cool mornings and evenings.
2. **Jean Jackets**: A classic option that adds style and warmth.
3. **Packable quilted Jackets**: Ideal for those unexpectedly chilly days.
4. **Vests**: Great for layering without adding too much bulk.
5. **Nordic Beach Wraps**: Cozy and fashionable, these wraps are perfect for keeping warm and looking stylish.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than feeling cold in the early morning or late at night. With these essential layering pieces, you’ll be prepared for whatever the Canadian weather throws your way. Stay warm, stylish, and enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer this summer!
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