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Winter Wellness Around the World


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We all have our tricks when it comes to looking good all winter long, but sometimes they start to feel stale. Things aren’t working like they used to, or maybe you just want to try something new. When you need to shake up your cold-weather beauty routine, take inspiration from traditional beauty practices from around the world.


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Russia: Chocolate body wraps feel as decadent as they sound. Not only does the treatment leave your skin soft and sweet-smelling, the chocolate signals your brain to release endorphins for a rejuvenating mood-boost. That’s doubly important during short winter days. If you’re curious to test it out for yourself, there’s good news: some high-end spas have begun offering these wraps in Canada.


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Finland: Saunas are a huge part of Finnish culture. There are as many saunas in Finland as there are households, and Fins use them an average of once a week. A normal visit involves lounging in the sauna until it becomes too hot, taking a quick skin in a colder pool, then returning to repeat the cycle once or twice. This process forces out toxins we usually lose in the summer by sweating. Check your local gym to see if there’s a sauna near you.


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Japan: During the height of the Japanese imperial court, noble ladies were famous for their smooth glossy hair. Their secret? They used the water left over from rinsing rice as a scalp treatment after washing their hair. The rice proteins help soothe wind-dried scalps and reduce fly aways. You won’t have to make your own ice water, though. This product is sold in most Japanese drug stores under the name “hair water”.

Have you ever tried one of these? Tell us all about your experience or share your winter beauty rituals in the comments section below!


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