Canadian brand Raffinati, which signifies ‘refined’ in Italian, was launched in 1981 in Montreal and quickly became a household name thanks to its luxurious outerwear and suits for women. Raffinati has become a symbol of quality and timelessness.
The company brought their Raffinalla brand to Canadian soil in 2000 where more accessible and competitive prices were established and permanent collections were added. This brand is entirely designed and produced in Montreal. Using carefully chosen fabrics imported from all over the world including Europe, each product from the Raffinalla line is conceived, cut, sewn, tested and inspected in the brand’s headquarters, now located in the Chabanel area of Montreal. This allows for a superior level of quality and a consistency in the fit of the garments.

Raffinalla offers to its Canadian and American retailers outerwear made of natural fibers like cashmere and angora as well as down and nylon, well-cut blazers and skirts for young professionals, as well as a wide selection of pants for every occasion, including the “Perfect Fit” pant that is designed to slim down the silhouette and make you appear one size smaller. The line is available in regular sizes, as well as for petites and plus-sizes, on demand. Today’s modern woman needs a wardrobe that reflects her accomplishments and sense of style, and Raffinalla offers timeless, functional cuts that are fit for everyday life.

To buy a Raffinalla piece today is to proudly wear it for the next 10 years, no matter your age.

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