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Outerwear For Every Woman’s Body Type

Can you believe how many Fall and Winter trends we’re getting this year? With designers putting out capes, blanket wraps, faux fur, cardigans, and more, it’s easier than ever to focus on what works for you. Use your outerwear as a tool to build symmetry where you want it most. Not sure where to start? These are the best new trends to compliment every woman’s figure.


Hourglass: Stay away from shoulder pads and other detailing that bulks up your shoulders. Your waist is your strength. The traditional advice would be to choose a belted trench to define your waistline, but a sleek puffer coat (8547RS) gives you a more modern silhouette while still showing off your figure.


Pear-shaped: When your bottom half is fuller than your top, the goal of your clothing should be to widen your shoulders. Look for shorter coats that feature oversized collars or faux fur. This ombre vest by Nuage (8514RS-81) is an inspired choice: the lighter coloured stripe across the centre seems to stretch your torso in just the right way to create balance.


Round: Skip belted trenches altogether. They’ll either be uncomfortably tight around the middle or loose across your shoulders. Choose something soft with a relaxed fit, like this faux lambswool coat (8524RS). Wear it open with a brightly coloured scarf to draw attention to your face.


Straight up and down: Belts create an instant waistline, though this year’s oversized plaids are a more stylish route to curves. Make sure the arms fit closely, like this Alison Sheri sweater (A28088). No matter how well the rest of your coat fits, baggy sleeves on a straight figure will make it seem too big. We’re getting new coats every day.

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