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Looking Hot For Date Night With Frank Lyman Fashions


Dressing up for a night out on the town is always a treat. For most of us, getting ready is half the fun of going out – and why wouldn’t it be? In our everyday lives (i.e. the work week), we have to weigh what we prefer to wear while constantly trying to balance the image we need to portray in the workplace. But on date night? All the rules are out the window, as we can indulge our inner fashionistas and look as hot as we want!  And Frank Lyman’s Fashions can easily get us there!


Roman Inspired Cocktail Dress

Not to mention, going ‘all out’ and looking at our best is a serious confidence booster – and at Anne’s on the Avenue, we can help you to pin down your ‘best look’ with the amazing fashions we have in store for you! Red is the colour of passion, and this dress (69368) has it in spades. The silhouette is deceptively simple, a swingy fall of fabric that’s effortlessly sexy. It’s a style that creates curves on whoever wears the dress while simultaneously being to those with a little extra weight around the middle. For shoes, we suggest a metallic gold pair to match the shoulder clip.

pg 37-61216

Lace always adds an element of romance.

If you’re looking for something actually really emphasizes your curves, this sophisticated sheath (61216) is exactly what you need. A combination of black side panels and a not-quite-sweetheart cut white lace inset sculpts an appealing hourglass figure. The real surprise here is the straps: the tantalizing strips of skin that show through the mesh underlay give the illusion that it exposes more than it does. Magic? Not quite, it’s merely genius ingenuity.



Finding that you are worried about your arms? Choose a dress with a stylish chiffon overlay like this one (69241). Chiffon doesn’t build bulk so that front drape will help define rather than obscure your figure. Limit your accessories to shoes and a clutch to avoid cluttering the elegant neckline.

Get the reaction you deserve this weekend.

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