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Holiday Fashion Trends: Making Metallic Work For You

This metallic silver scarf also comes in metallic gold

This metallic silver scarf also comes in metallic gold .

Some retro trends are easy to wear, while others are a little intimidating. Metallics pack a real ‘wow’ factor on the runway, but when it comes to wearing this trendy accessory in daily life, it can be difficult hard to embrace the ‘shine’ that is typical of metallic fabrics.Once you make the effort though, you will realize that metallic fabrics are not only fashionable, but may even become a cornerstone of your personal style.


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Metallic fabrics are not merely a fashion trend stemming from the 20th century, though. On the contrary: metallic fabrics have been used for high-end clothing since nobles of the Byzantine Empire made them famous. Only those of high rank could afford them, mostly because they were literally made from gold wrapped around silk or cotton thread. It wasn’t until 1946 that the Dobeckmum Company found a way to get the same metallic effect with metals that weren’t as flexible (and pricey) as gold or silver. In high-end modern processes, metal is heated to a vapour before being pressure-sprayed onto a polyester thread base. It’s much lighter and more durable than its forerunners.


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That lightness is part of what makes metallics a good addition to your closet. Any garment cut from metallic cloth has an instant sense of movement and energy. Plus, the undertones of natural-coloured metallics are close enough to neutrals that they go with nearly any colour. Right now the most popular shades are gold and silver, like this stunning fooler top (63216).


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When it comes to styling metallics, there’s only one major thing to worry about. If you’re trying to gloss over a few wrinkles, don’t wear a metallic shirt or jacket. Metallic fabric reflects light onto nearby skin. Stick to a skirt or even gilded sneakers. Still unsure? The best way to get over your metal hesitation is to stop by our store in Tecumseh and try some on. Let us help boost your style confidence!


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