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History Of Style: The Choker


Choker-style necklaces are a modern-day fashion staple. While metallic and retro-inspired chokers certainly feel contemporary, it may come as a surprise to you to discover that this fashion accessory has actually been been popular for centuries across the globe. In artistic representations dating as far back as ancient Egypt and China, we find images of well-dressed women sporting bands of stones or metal around their neck – in other words, a choker.

Traditionally, chokers have been worn as a symbol of style and status. Yet for some cultures, they have served a purpose far beyond showcasing a woman’s social status or taste in fashion. Case in point: women in the French Revolution wore ribbons around their necks to pay tribute to those that had lost their lives via guillotine. Moreover, the indigenous peoples of the First Nations used bone and shell chokers to give an extra layer of protection to their necks.


Thus, it’s no secret why the choker has continued to endure across continent for generations: practicality. Wider styles are a chic way to hide problems with the necks, like moles or loose skin. It’s exactly the reason why Alexandra, Princess of Wales, wore bands of pearl and ribbon to hide a scar that embarrassed her (the trick worked so well that nobles quickly rushed to propose).

That’s not the only thing chokers can achieve – far from it! In addition, a well-fitted ribbon choker that hugs your neck can actually make you seem taller and trimmer. Simply wear it with sparkle to draw attention up from a large chest, or choose a choker with dangling charms to direct the eye down to a small bust.



Whatever your reasons may be for purchasing a choker, know that it can work wonders for your social life. For this reason alone, this timeless accessory belongs in every woman’s jewellery box. To find fresh styles or see how to pair chokers with your favourite outfits, stop by Anne’s on the Avenue today!


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