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The Five Pieces You Need To Nail The 70’s Fashion Trend


There’s something essentially bright and vibrant about the style of the 1970’s – and it differs from one person to another. To some, what makes the 1970’s so special is the nostalgia of the warm glow of gold that encompassed much of the decade’s trends, or maybe it’s the simple, eye-catching fashions that made the period so special. The fashion world has been reminded of what made the 70’s style so magical, and it’s one of the reasons why we are currently experiencing a retro revival. If you want to get in on the revival for yourself, you are going to need some key pieces to make this work – but the good news is that the 70’s style is a simple style to embrace. Below are the first five 1970’s-inspired pieces that you should add to your wardrobe.


1. A deep V-neck blouse: A major theme in retro fashion is creating looks that showcase the outline of your body without leaving everything exposed. One way to achieve that is with a plunging neckline. We suggest a blouse with embellishments like laces, metal findings, or patterned bands outlining the neck.



We love these wide-leg pants by Habitat. Available in-store

2. Wide-leg pants: For much of history, women wore skirts rather than pants – yet, the flared leg fashion bridged that gap, providing a freedom of movement that echoed the growing social freedoms women would experience as the decade progressed. While women in the 70’s wore wide-leg pants with a tight shirt or crop top, we suggest going a bit more contemporary by pairing these pants with a flowing blouse.

3. Suede boots: If there is one iconic fabric of the 70’s, it’s suede. It offered women who were taking charge in the workplace an easy way to look professional – in fact, suede pantsuits were even considered stylish office attire. Don’t expect to see suede pantsuits crop up in the workplace in the coming year, though, as modern trends dictate that there is  such thing as ‘too much suede.’ To use suede stylishly while keeping it contemporary, we suggest buying a pair of suede boots instead.


Romantic and Sexy. We love how she is rocking the torn jeans; very 70’s. Sweater available in-store.

4. Crochet sweaters: Handmade sweaters were huge in the 70’s. While contemporary crochet sweaters don’t look nearly as homemade, they do encompass a sleeker, more upscale look to them while still paying homage to their forerunners.


5. Wrap dress: No 70’s wardrobe would be complete without one of these. Diane Von Furstenberg designed it to be comfortable and flattering on every woman, and the style’s continuing popularity is a testament to her success.

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