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Fitness Tips To Prepare For Fall Fashions

When was the last time you updated your workout? If you’re still plugging away on the elliptical, you might be missing out. Add some excitement to your workout by trying one of this year’s most popular fitness trends, and get ready for some of the Fall’s latest fashions!

Woman dumbbell workout fitness and exercises. Vector Illustration.

Great Workout For Your Arms.

Body Weight Training:

Let’s face it: we live busy lives. There isn’t always time to head to the gym. That’s why body weight training is gaining popularity. From workout stand-bys like push-ups and sit-ups to newer moves like burpees, body weight training uses your own weight for resistance instead of dumbbells. To get started, all you need is yourself and a stretch of floor (though you might want a yoga mat for better traction).

 Streaming Workout Videos:

These are another great solution for busy people. You get to exercise in your own home, with your own gear, with a wide variety of instructors. You can find everything from yoga to dance videos. Many sites check attendance and let you track your progress if you want more accountability.

Woman workout fitness, aerobic and exercises. Vector Illustration.

We can’t forget our lower-half!

Functional Fitness:

These workouts focus on helping you get through your day easier and avoiding injury. Functional fitness focuses on moving your body in three dimensions with weight to improve balance, coordination, and tone. You might use kettlebells, TRX straps, or even ballet barres to help keep your form on point.

When you finish your new workout and you’re ready to look as great as you feel, stop by Anne’s on the Avenue to look at the latest up-and-coming Fall Fashions!


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