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Fine-tuning Your Closet After Forty

Forty can be a strange time in a woman’s life – especially in terms of fashion. On the one hand, there’s no loose skin or varicose veins to hide yet. On the other, the clothing that carried you through your 20’s and 30’s suddenly seems awkward and out of place on you. Don’t drag your feet on this one: dressing your age is essential to looking your absolute best.

We remember the 80's and the clothing. And there is no place for any of the clothing in your closet.

We remember the 80’s and the clothing. And there is no place for any of the clothing in your closet.

The first thing to do is to take a hard look through your closet. It’s perfectly fine to save a few beloved items for casual wear, but you need to pull out anything that will prematurely age you. To help you sort, think about who you are now as a person. By this point you know that style has more to do with how you carry yourself than what you’re wearing, and you don’t need clothing that demands attention without adding substance.

We got rid of the hairstyles. So why hang on to clothes that are not in-style.

What exactly does that include? First of all, get rid of gimmicky pieces. Wearing items like these past 40 makes you look like you’re overcompensating. This includes jeans with sequins, edgy rips and distressing, or character patches. You should also ditch novelty shoes (goodbye, thigh-length gladiator sandals), most of your message t-shirts, and every white ribbed tank top you own.


French Dressing Jeans are all about the perfect fit based on body type. They also have a fabulous boot cut jean which looks fab on women in their 40’s.

When you replace them, remember that fit and fabric are more important than decoration. Stock up on high-end scoop-neck tees and camis. Boot-cut jeans never go out of style as long as you get a quality brand, like French Dressing Jeans. Shoes are the best place for a fashion statement after 40, so feel free to indulge in this season’s brocade boots or metallic sandalsYour forties are a time to cultivate a holistic style while staying true to your personal brand. Update your look seasonally with on-trend pieces from Anne’s on the Avenue, and you’re set to be fashionable forever!


Don’t forget to add colour to your wardrobe. Getting older doesn’t mean getting duller. Click here to shop this look.


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