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Fashion’s Love Affair With Prints


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Let’s face it: there are only so many types of patterns for printed fabrics. Almost every possible pattern can be classified as either a floral, a geometric design, or an animal print. The real challenge for designers is to take a pattern which has been around for centuries and use it in a new way so it feels fresh.


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The concept of printing fabric is older than you might think. There are examples of printed fabric in China as far back as the early 200’s, when artists would carve designs into wooden blocks for printing. Artists in India, Peru, and Mexico were also printing well before Europe began making their own fabrics. This was mostly due to tensions with the powerful silk-weaving guilds in England, who saw printed cottons as a threat to their hold on European fashion.


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Eventually, though, the public demand for prints won out. English engineers invented roller printing in the 18th century. This brought the price of creating new prints down and let designers create them more quickly. The relative ease of producing new designs led to seasonal shifts in print trends and colours. Fabric designers have been competing for the public’s imagination ever since.


This year, the popular retro aesthetic has influenced the prints in Fall and Winter lines. Take this Bali Corps tunic (6061) for example. Though the silhouette and colours are modern, the pattern is a sleeker tribute to 60’s mod style.



Animal prints are in again- with a twist. Feline patterns are being mixed with snakeskin or geometric blocks. This angel wing tunic from Frank Lyman (64394) has a kaleidoscope-like feel that’s very in-tune with the season’s spirit. We’re getting new shipments nearly every week, so stop by our Tecumseh store to see the new prints for yourself!


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