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Adjusting For Autumn


What do you do when the weather starts to change and you have a closet full of short sleeves? Fall is a tricky time of year for style, not quite cold enough for a heavy coat but definitely too chilly for shorts. Don’t worry! With a few adjustments you can wear your summer wardrobe right through the first snowfalls.


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1. Wear turtlenecks under dresses. We weren’t sure about this combination when we first heard about it, but Fashion Week really won us over. Even ultra-trendy designers like Tory Burch are using solid-colour turtlenecks to carry their favourite dresses into cooler weather. This works best when you use tight sweaters with full necks, not mock turtlenecks. Pair them with deep V-neck dresses to get the most style mileage.


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2. Add a sweater. Don’t pack those beautiful cold-shoulder summer looks away! Sweaters are the perfect amount of coverage for Fall. Buy a few in different fabrics and colours to fit your entire wardrobe. If you get cold easily, choose a sweater with a wide floppy neck that can be pulled up against the wind.


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3. Tights are your friend. Shorts and tights are unexpectedly chic when done right. The trick with tights is balance. If you have a busy top, wear simpler tights (and vice versa). For a flawless Fall look, try a bright or patterned pair of tights with chunky socks and boots.

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