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10 Stylish Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Needs

The weather outside may be frightful, but your cold-weather clothing doesn’t have to be! A perfect winter wardrobe includes pieces that allow you to look great while also keeping you warm and dry. Here are 10 stylish winter wardrobe staples every woman needs:


A Dressy Coat

Puffy parkas may be great for everyday wear, but no winter wardrobe is complete without a dressy coat for fancier occasions. Be prepared for business meetings, holiday parties, or winter weddings with a pea coat or dressy trench coat in a neutral colour, like black or tan. We love this faux-fur trench by Nuage.


Stylish Boots

With fancy sandals and open-toed heels packed up until next spring, it’s important to have winter-appropriate footwear for special occasions. A pair of black, high-heeled boots will class up any outfit, but if you live somewhere with severe weather, you can play it safe with stylish flat-heeled boots instead. We don’t sell boots but you need a great pair. Visit our friends at The Shoe Box


A Knitted Dress

Cable- or cord-knitted dresses make the perfect cold weather outfit, as the knit pattern makes them look like fitted, oversized winter sweaters. They’re comfortable and warm, and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion.



Leggings are a great way to make dresses winter-appropriate, and those that are fleece-lined will keep you especially warm. Fleece-lined leggings come in many colours and patterns to match all of your dresses and long tops.


V-Neck Sweaters or Tunic

Your winter wardrobe can incorporate all types of sweaters, but V-neck sweaters are especially good to have. This type of neckline pairs perfectly with pendant necklaces or scarves, both of which instantly dress up an outfit. You can also wear a collared shirt underneath a V-neck sweater for a great layered look.


Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans not only look more professional than baggy jeans, but they easily tuck into boots for a cleaner look. Since denim is not the best winter-weather material, invest in a pair of long underwear that easily layers under your jeans to keep you both stylish and warm.


A Knitted Headband

Your ears should never be left exposed to harsh winter weather. A knitted headband is a stylish way to keep warm and protect your ears from snow and cold winds. Plus, wearing a headband won’t ruin your hair like a traditional hat would.


Coloured Scarves

Scarves are a fun, versatile beauty accessory that add both colour and warmth to winter outfits. You can wrap traditional yarn or fleece scarves over your outerwear, or wear light cotton or silk scarves over sweaters as part of your outfit.


Leather Gloves

Keep a pair of good-quality leather gloves in your coat pocket so you’re never without them. It’s important to protect your extremities from the elements, and fleece-lined leather gloves are both stylish and warm.


Long Vestspost-2029-french-dressing-jeans

If you’re wearing a short-sleeve or thin long-sleeve shirt, a cardigan is a great way to add another layer of warmth. For winter weather, long vests in particular are ideal as they cover more of your body. You can choose a neutral coloured cardigans to match any outfit, or make a statement with a bold pattern or colour.

Finding the balance between clothing that is practical and clothing that is stylish can make dressing for cold winter weather difficult. With these 10 winter wardrobe staples, you’ll not only be able to stand up to the cold weather, but you’ll look great doing it.

With our Boxing Day happening, this is a great time to pick up some of your style staples.


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